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Si necesita formularios en español, vaya a la página indicada “español” en El Centro de Autoservicios .  Los formularios traducidos que se encuentran en esos sitios de Internet se suministran para fines de información y no constituyen formularios oficiales para presentar ante el tribunal.

The Self-Service Center is designed to provide information and forms for persons who are representing themselves in court. The information is intended to help you help yourself through the court system.

If you do not understand any of this information, or if you have trouble filling out any of the forms located here, see an attorney for help.

If you are representing yourself, and you download forms from this site, and prepare them yourself, it is still suggested that you have an attorney look over the papers to make sure they are correct.

A new website launched on 01/12/2017 to offer basic assistance to people of all walks of life who have legal questions or need assistance in resolving disputes in court. is organized by topic and geographical location to help people find the court locations, forms, and other information they may need. 

The website  includes links to the Arizona Judicial Branch’s online services, known as eServices.

The website includes links to the Arizona Judicial Branch’s online services, known as eServices. One of the featured online services is electronic filing, commonly referred to as eFiling. The  eFiling service guides filers through the process of preparing case submissions by asking a series of questions in an interview-like fashion. After completing the questions-and-answers process, the system will allow filers to review their answers and make corrections as needed. The final answers will be incorporated within court-approved forms that can be printed and submitted over-the-counter or sent electronically to the receiving court.

At present eFiling services provide Limited Jurisdiction Small Claims, Civil, and Eviction Action application support for the counties identified below.

  • Civil Lawsuits - currently available in every county.
  • Eviction Actions - currently available in every county.
  • Small Claims Cases - currently available in every county, except Pima.

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While we strive to provide forms that are accepted in all Arizona Courts, please contact the court in which you will be filing to confirm the use of Arizona Supreme Court Self-Service Center forms, determine any additional forms the court may require and verify the filing fees.