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Office will be closed Monday, February 20, 2017 in observance of the President's Day Holiday.
Pre-Registration for February exam certified applicants will still occur Monday, February 20, 2017, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Refer to your Instructions and Information Memo for times.
Attorney Admissions staff will be out of the office administering the bar exam through Thursday, February 23,  2017. Messages will be addressed upon return. If an urgent matter arises, please call the Certification and Licensing main line at 602-452-3378.
NOTICE: February 2017 Arizona UBE applicants using MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID must notify our office immediately. Please click here for more information.

Results for the February 2017 Arizona Uniform Bar Examination will be posted here May 12, 2017.

Application for the July 2017 Arizona UBE is open.
Timely filing deadline for the July exam is March 30, 2017.

Applicants may be approved by the Committee on Character and Fitness at any time, and will be notified when approved.  The Supreme Court allows applicants who have been approved to be sworn and admitted at any time, either by mail or in person.  Applicants who are approved receive detailed information regarding admission methods and options.

Click below for additional Character and Fitness guidelines:
Character and Fitness Guidelines adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court 2015


Sample Character and Fitness Application


General Information:

The Attorney Admissions team is happy to answer questions with our Customer Service box: 
If a major issue remains unresolved after speaking with our staff, please call

Director Mark Wilson at 602-452-3362 


The Arizona Supreme Court administers the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE). Applicants passing a UBE are allowed to transfer a passing score earned in Arizona to other UBE jurisdictions without testing, subject to the rules of that state. UBE rules vary from state to state; please contact specific jurisdictions if you wish to seek admission based on UBE. Additional information about the Uniform Bar Examination, including a list of UBE jurisdictions, may be found at

There are three paths for admission to the practice of law in the state of Arizona:

The Admissions Unit of the Certification and Licensing Division oversees the requirements to practice law in Arizona. The staff supports two Supreme Court committees, the Committee on Examinations and Committee on Character and Fitness. The Supreme Court acts on the basis of recommendations that it receives from these two committees. Applicants are admitted to practice law in Arizona by order of the Supreme Court of Arizona. Rules for admission of applicants are set forth in Rules 33 through 38 of the Supreme Court of Arizona.

All candidates, whether by exam or admission on motion, must pass a detailed background investigation. No individual shall practice law in Arizona without having complied with Supreme Court Rules. Final authority for recommendation of admission to the practice of law rests with the Committee on Character and Fitness. Candidates for admission by examination must complete all test requirements in Arizona. No portion of the bar examination may be waived for exam applicants regardless of admission elsewhere or previously earned Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) score. A separate Character Report is required of examination applicants, and may be submitted concurrent with or after application for examination.

 Committee on Character & Fitness Members
 Edward F Novak, Chair
Fernando Gonzales
Michael A Little
 Micahel L Boreale Jr
Patrick Irvine
Judith D Register
 Alane Breland
Alexander B Jamison
Yvonne E Tagart
 Stephen Dichter
Carl E Landrum
Raymond K Woo
 Gabriel D Fernandez
Marc R Lieberman
Gloria C Wyatt
 Anna Finn
Maricela Meza
Angela Paton
 Committee on Examinations Members
 David W Lunn, Chair
 Frankie Jones
 Howard D Sukenic
 Rod Galarza
 Tanja Kelly
 Rebecca van Doren
 Jacqueline Ganier
 Kelly LoCascio
 Lisa S Wahlin
 Nora Greer
 Roric Massey
 Adam Zickerman