Court Admin/AOC

Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)

The Arizona Constitution authorizes an administrative director and staff to assist the Chief Justice with administrative duties. Under the direction of the Chief Justice, the administrative director and the staff of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) provide the necessary support for the supervision and administration of all state courts. The AOC is comprised of eight divisions: 

Executive Office 
The Executive Office is responsible for liaison with executive and legislative branch officials and agencies, submitting a budget to the state Legislature on behalf of the Judicial Branch, supervising the divisions of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), supporting the administrative activities of the Arizona Judicial Council and carrying out the strategic agenda of the Chief Justice.

Administrative Services
The Administrative Services Division's major responsibilities are the preparation and oversight of appropriated state funding for the judicial department, financial services, legal services, Human Resources and facility management.

Adult Probation Services Division 
The Adult Probation Services Division oversees the effective statewide administration of adult probation programs and services in accordance with statutory and administrative guidelines.

Certification and Licensing Division
The Certification and Licensing Division develops and administers certification and licensing programs for the Arizona Supreme Court. Division staff develops rules and policies including registration processes, qualification requirements, training, continuing education, codes of conduct and disciplinary processes. More information about this division.

Court Services Division
The Court Service Division is comprised of six units: Automated Services, Caseflow Management, Consolidated Collections, Court Operations, Court Programs, and eCourt Services.

Dependent Children's Services Division
The programs administered by the Dependent Children's Services Division are designed to ensure that the best interests of Arizona's dependent children are served by providing a system of information, advocacy and review. Online divisional resources.

Education Services Division
The Education Services Division is responsible for maintaining a statewide system of judicial education and overseeing compliance with judicial education standards.
Information Technology Division

Information Technology
The Information Technology Division's responsibilities include providing solutions to challenging information technology problems facing the Court.

Juvenile Justice Services Division
The Juvenile Justice Services Division is responsible for the effective administration of juvenile justice programs for delinquent and incorrigible youth in coordination with the juvenile courts.