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Strategic Agenda

A message from Chief Justice Robert Brutinel

Developing this strategic agenda provides an opportunity to look to the future. It requires us to consider where and how our courts need to improve, to set goals for improvement, and to chart the course for accomplishing those goals. In other words, it compels us to plan for the continued excellence of Arizona’s courts.

Arizona is a strong and vibrant state with a storied history and a bright future. Similarly, Arizona’s judicial branch has a proud history of service to the public. Arizona’s courts serve more than seven million Arizonans from Fredonia in the northwest to Douglas in the southeast. More than five hundred judicial officers and thousands of court employees resolve almost two million cases each year. Extraordinarily talented men and women have led our courts and due to their remarkable leadership, Arizona’s courts have been successfully delivering justice to our citizens and are well-positioned for continued success. Our courts have established a nationally recognized reputation for excellence in innovation, judicial administration, and education, which we intend to continue into the future.


Strategic Agendas