Strategic Agenda

Advancing Justice Together: Courts and Communities

A message from the Chief JusticeChief Justice Scott Bales

Our state’s greatest strength is the diversity of our people and places. The vibrant mosaic formed by our varied communities and cultures has attracted many to Arizona and continues to define us. Throughout our history, Arizonans, whether natives or newcomers, have been optimistic, hard-working, and determined to build a better future. 

Arizonans also are one in believing that all people should be treated fairly, their rights should be respected, and they should be well served by a government that follows the law. Our courts exist to secure these goals. Every day, more than 500 judicial officers and thousands of other judicial branch employees work diligently to serve their communities by administering justice for all Arizonans, whether they live in our largest cities or our more sparsely populated deserts and mountain areas. 

The courts’ new strategic agenda, Advancing Justice together: Courts and Communities, reflects input from court personnel and the public throughout our state. It reaffirms goals successfully pursued under prior Chief Justices and other court leaders, and it builds on our well-established and nationally recognized traditions of excellence in judicial administration, education, and innovation.

Our first goal is promoting access to justice as technology and our state’s population and economy continue to change. By implementing electronic case filing and access statewide, identifying best practices for various court operations, and developing new programs like veterans courts and the use of video remote interpreters, we will strive to better serve our communities, including those who are most vulnerable, such as children, the elderly, and victims of human trafficking or other crimes. 

Advancing justice in Arizona requires courts and communities to work together. Our courts can provide timely and accessible justice only if they have adequate resources and other public support, including the many volunteers who serve on foster care review boards, as hearing officers, on judicial nominating committees, and in other court-related roles. To earn the support of our communities, we who work in the judiciary must continue to exemplify our deep commitment to fairness, integrity, efficiency, and equal justice under law. 

I look forward to our work in advancing justice together.

 —Scott Bales, Chief Justice 

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