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The Commission on Minorities in the Judiciary (COM), a standing committee of the Arizona Judicial Council (AJC), seeks to address disproportionate minority contact in the justice system; enrich the diversity of the judiciary to reflect the communities it serves, while maintaining the highest level of qualifications; promote cultural competency in its judicial officers and employees; and enhance communication with minority communities through education and collaboration with public and private sector programs that aspire to similar purposes.

The work of COM is given direction by Justice 2020, the Strategic Agenda for Arizona Courts 2010-2015 and Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (ACJA) § 1-107: Commission on Minorities.

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Judicial Diversity Outreach - Developed by the Commission to encourage and assist minority attorneys who are contemplating judicial careers by providing a comprehensive source of information regarding the application process.

Arizona Judicial Nominating Commissions (Includes current vacancies for merit selection judicial positions and an option to be notified of openings)

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