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Select this link to view a pdf of the Results for the July 2019 Arizona Uniform Bar Examination posted October 11, 2019.

As of October 11, 2019, a letter containing score information and next steps has been mailed to each July 2019 Arizona UBE Examinee at their address of record. Please allow one week for delivery. Once you receive your letter please read it carefully.


For individuals receiving a score below 273 please select this link to view a pdf containing more information.

IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR JULY 2019 APPLICANTS: Please be advised the status of your Character and Fitness investigation will be provided with your exam results letter.
Due to the time demands required of staff during score release, we will be unable to provide updates on individuals' admission status between October 7 and October 18, 2019.
Again, please await the arrival of your results letter which will be sent via U.S. Mail on Friday, October 11, 2019, and may take up to five business days to arrive at your address on file.
Finally, please note Monday, October 14, 2019, is a state holiday and the office will be closed. 
Application for the February 2020 Arizona Uniform Bar Examination is closed.

Application for the July 2019 Arizona Uniform Bar Examination will open January 15, 2020.


February 2020 Arizona Uniform Bar Exam Location: Phoenix Convention Center
                                                                                   100 North Third Street
                                                                                   Phoenix, Arizona 85004           

Arizona Uniform Bar Exam Cycle Calendar                               
Admission Fees & Deadlines (Administrative Order PDF)  
  February Exam July Exam                   
 Exam Application Timely Filing Aug 15 - Oct 31            Jan 15 - Mar 31  
 Exam Application Late Fee and Close* Nov 1 - 30  April 1 - 30 
 Laptop Registration Information Email to Applicants Early January  Early June             
 Exam Instructions and Information Memo to Applicants Late January  Late June             
 Evidence of Graduation Due February 1  June 15
 UBE Administration - Next: February 25-26, 2020 Last Tu/W of Feb       Last Tu/W of July    
 UBE Score Release - July Exam Results: Oct. 11, 2019 2nd Friday in May  2nd Friday in Oct        
 *Note: Arizona UBE February applicants who were unsuccessful will receive alternate application instructions and deadlines for the July Arizona Uniform Bar Examination 
NCBE MPRE Registration & Administration Information and Dates are located on the NCBE website at 
Admission Application Preparation and General Information              
The Arizona Supreme Court administers the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE). Applicants passing a UBE are allowed to transfer a passing score earned in Arizona to other UBE jurisdictions without testing, subject to the rules of that state. UBE rules vary from state to state; please contact specific jurisdictions if you wish to seek admission based on UBE. Additional information about the Uniform Bar Examination, including a list of UBE jurisdictions, may be found at
There are three paths for admission to the practice of law in the state of Arizona:  
  • Admission by Uniform Bar Examination - testing in Arizona
  • Admission on Motion
  • Admission by Uniform Bar Examination - transfer of Uniform Bar Examination score earned in another state
     Rules of Admission  
     Frequently Asked Questions  
    Character and Fitness Frequently Asked Questions  
    Please be reminded of the following items which are not required to apply or sit for the exam but are your responsibility to provide to complete the admissions process (see sample application document for more details):    
    Applicants may be approved by the Committee on Character and Fitness at any time, and will be notified when approved.  The Supreme Court allows applicants who have been approved to be sworn and admitted at any time, either by mail or in person.  Applicants who are approved receive detailed information regarding admission methods and options.
    Click below for additional Character and Fitness guidelines: Character and Fitness Guidelines adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court 2015 
    Other Notices              

    Admission Eligibility Memo - Arizona Summit Law School

    Veterans may be eligible for partial reimbursement of testing cost. Click here for details  


     Committee on Character & Fitness Members
     Edward F Novak, Chair Ann H Finn Angela Paton  
     Jennifer M Bailey Alyson M Foster Aryka S Radke  
     Augustine Bartning Paul Hanley Judith D Register  
     Andrew J Becke
    Patrick Irvine James J Roche  
     Alane Breland
    Carl E Landrum Jennifer Rock  
     Stephen Dichter Marc Lieberman Robert Underdown  
     Joya Dunbar Maricela Meza Raymond K Woo  
      Marshall H Porter
    Committee on Examinations Members
     David W Lunn, Chair
     Gregory J Gnepper
     Eugene Marquez
     Michael J Donovan
     Nora Greer
     Maria L Schaffer
     Benjamin R Eid
     Frankie Jones
     Timothy A Stratton
     Rod Galarza
     Tanja Kelly  Adam Zickerman

     The Attorney Admissions team is happy to answer questions with our Customer Service box: 
    If a major issue remains unresolved after speaking with our staff, please call

    Director Mark Wilson at 602-452-3362