Confidential Intermediary Program

The Confidential Intermediary Program certifies Confidential Intermediaries (CIs) through the Certification and Licensing Division of the Arizona Supreme Court.  CI's provide a service to help facilitate contact between parties of an adoption (adoption triad members) or siblings separated as a result of a dependency action.

The Confidential Intermediary Program was established by the Arizona State Legislature in 1992, by enacting A.R.S. §8-134 (adoption triad member searches).  In 2007, the Arizona State Legislature extended the role of the Confidential Intermediary Program to include the Sibling Information Exchange Program (SIX) by enacting A.R.S. §8-543, which provides former dependent children the ability to locate, and stay in touch with, siblings separated by a dependency action.  Under both statutes, Confidential Intermediaries are provided access to court records in order to obtain information necessary to locate the sought after party.  Consent from all parties is required for the sharing of identifying and non-identifying information. 

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