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As of July 1, 2016, Maricopa County Private Process Servers are no longer required to obtain Certification and Licensing Division staff approval of continuing education activity documentation prior to submitting it to the Maricopa County Superior Court for approval.

The Certification and Licensing Division staff will no longer be signing requests for individual private process server continuing education activity approval.

All required continuing education documentation is to be submitted with your renewal application directly to the Maricopa County Superior Court Process Server Program staff only.


THE PRIVATE PROCESS SERVER PROGRAM governs the certification of private process servers in Arizona.

In order to be eligible to act as a private process server in Arizona all persons must be certified and comply with the requirements of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 11, the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, administrative orders and the administrative rules adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court.

On November 27, 2002, Chief Justice Jones of the Arizona Supreme Court signed Administrative Order No. 2002-110, enacting new administrative rules for the Private Process Server Program.  The Arizona Code of Judicial Administration §7-204: Private Process Server, took effect on January 1, 2003.  This code replaced the prior guidelines for private process servers, as originally adopted by Administrative Order No. 94-20.   

Process servers are responsible for knowing and following the provisions of Arizona Code of Judicial Administration, Private Process Server -  § 7-204, Rule 4(e) and Arizona Revised Statute § 11-445 


Applying for Private Process Server Certification

To apply for certification an applicant must do so in the county of residency.  An applicant must sit for and pass the examination, complete the application and submit a fingerprint card.  The fingerprint card must be a blue and white FBI card, and prints must be taken by a law-enforcement agency.  Below are the links for the study guide and the application.


Study Guide 

For information about obtaining Maricopa County's Private Process Server Study Guide, click here. 

Private Process Server Initial Certification Application 

If you have questions regarding the application, testing dates, fees, or any general question, click on the link below for contact information in your county.

Private Process Server County Coordinator Listing

Maintaining Your Private Process Server Certification
and Continuing Education Information

 All certificates expire at midnight, every three years from date of issuance.  A certificate shall expire as of the expiration date unless the certificate holder submits a renewal application and pays the accompanying fees by the expiration date.

All certified private process servers shall complete at least ten hours of approved continuing education every twelve months.  The private process server shall submit documentation of completion of the continuing education on an approved form, with the application for renewal of certification.

Attention Maricopa County Private Process Servers: Please see the important notice above regarding approval of continuing education requests.

Private Process Server Renewal Application 

Pre-Approved Continuing Education Course List

Continuing Education Policies 

Continuing Education Allocation Form

Certificate of Attendance Form

Application for Credit for Instruction Form

Request for Continuing Education Credit for Independent Study Activity (Home study/Audio or Video Presentations, etc.)

Request for Continuing Education Credit for Attending a Sponsored Activity (not on the Pre-approved Continuing Education Course List)



Private Process Server Initial Certification Application