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Welcome to the Administrative Office of the Courts' Administrative Services Division

What do we do?  The Administrative Services Division is responsible for the day-to-day operational and administrative functions of the Arizona State Courts Building. The Division is made up of four departments; financial, legal, human resources, and facilities (which includes security).  The Division is responsible for procurement of goods and services, emergency planning and response, risk management planning and the travel reduction program. The Administrative Services Division also assists the State Risk Management Department in its review of property and liability claims of the Supreme Court, Superior Court, clerks of the court, and Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments.

Program Descriptions

  • Financial Services Department - The Financial Services Department is made up of two units, the Finance Unit and the Budget Unit. The Finance Unit collects, manages, and reports financial information to support the Administrative Director of the Courts and court personnel in strategic planning and effective management of financial resources.  The Budget Unit develops and manages the appellate and trial court state level budget process; coordinating with justices, judges, court administrators, chief probation officers, legislators, and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee staff in the preparation of the judicial budget.  The Budget Unit also provides administrative and financial oversight support to the AOC, Supreme Court and appellate offices.
  • Human Resources Department - The staff of the Human Resources Department provides recruiting, compensation and benefits, performance management, training, and employee relations assistance to the Supreme Court, Staff Attorneys Office, Clerk of the Court Office, and the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  They also are responsible for the administration of the Correction Officer Retirement Plan (CORP), Judicial Nominating Committee (JNC), and Judicial Performance Review (JPR) programs.
  • Legal Services Department - The Legal Services Office provides legal support to the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court regarding the administration of the state court system; serve as legal counsel to the Administrative Director and the staff of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and to the certification and licensing boards staffed by the AOC, and, upon request, provide legal advice and assistance to presiding judges and court administrative staff throughout the state.
  • Facilities Management Department- This office oversees the day-to-day operations of the State Courts Building by providing:                                                                                         
    • Building Security
    • Judicial off-site security and transportation
    • Office Administration
    • Major building tenant improvement and construction administration
    • Providing conference center support and scheduling
    • Printing services
    • Mail pick up and delivery
    • Shipping & Receiving
    • Custodial Services
    • Delivering general office supplies for all tenants