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Child Support and Family Law
Filing a family law case.

An action filed in a family law case may be filed to seek a divorce or legal separation or to create a parenting plan. If filing for a divorce or legal separation, filers should be prepared to provide information about the following: child custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support and the separation of community property and debt.

Family law actions must be filed in the superior court of the county in which one of the spouses resides provided that at least one of the spouses has lived in Arizona for at least 90 days. If the action involves a minor child, that child must have lived in Arizona for at least 6 months prior to filing.



General Resources

Find My Court

Superior Court Clerks

Department of Economic Security, Division of Child Support Services

State Bar of Arizona

Self-Service Center in Coconino County

Self-Service Center in Pima County

Maricopa County only: Community Legal Services, Inc.'s Family Lawyers Assistance Project (FLAP)



Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure

Arizona Revised Statute, Title 8 - Children

Arizona Revised Statute, Title 25 - Marital and Domestic Relations


Committees and Workgroups

Committee on Family Court (COFC)

Spousal Maintenance Guidelines Subcommittee (SMGS)

Child Support Guidelines Review Subcommittee (CSGRS)