Arizona Judicial Branch

COM Documents

Commission on Minorities in the Judiciary Update 2012
Commission on Minorities in the Judiciary Strategic Plan, 2006-2008
Arizona Supreme Court Commission on Minorities Progress Report, June 1994 - May 1996
  1993 Equitable Treatment of Minority Youth; A Report on the Over Representation of Minority Youth in Arizona's Juvenile Justice System - Governor's Office for Children
  Equitable Treatment of Minority Youth in the Arizona Juvenile Justice System;A Follow-up to the 1993 Equitable Treatment Report, 2002
  First Arizona Statewide Report Card - 2004 - This report card is a result of a recommendation issued in the report above to assess progress on the reduction of over-representation of minority youth in the juvenile justice system. Note: This report card presents CY 2002 data.
  Second Arizona Statewide Report Card - 2006 - This report presents CY 2004 data.
  Third Arizona Statewide Report Card - 2008 - This report presents CY 2006 data.
   Fourth Arizona Statewide Report Card - 2010 - This report presents CY 2008 data.
     Fifth Arizona Statewide Report Card - 2015 - This report presents data from CY 2010 and 2011, FY 2012 and 2013

Colorblind Justice? Minority Youth Over-representation in the Arizona Juvenile Justice System - 1998