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Electronic Hearings
Court Judge   Phone
Benson Justice Court, Precinct #3 Bruce E. Staggs   520-586-8100
Bisbee Justice Court, Precinct #1 Janus Poppe   520-432-9540
Bowie Justice Court, Precinct #6 Ruben Adame   520-847-2303
Cochise Superior Court David Thorn   520-432-8530
Cochise Superior Court James L. Conlogue   520-432-8480
Cochise Superior Court John F. Kelliher Jr.   520-803-3300
Cochise Superior Court Laura Cardinal   520-432-8540
Cochise Superior Court Terry Bannon   520-803-3320
Cochise Superior Court Timothy Dickerson   520-432-8520
Douglas Justice Court, Precinct #2 Alma Vildosola   520-805-5640
Sierra Vista Justice Court, Precinct #5 Patrick Call   520-803-3800
Willcox Justice Court, Precinct #4 Trevor Ward   520-384-7000

Contact Court for Details
Court Judge Access Phone
Huachuca Municipal Court Keith Barth Website 520-456-1354
Tombstone Municipal Court Keith Curfman Website 520-457-2202