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Legal Paraprofessionals (LP)

Questions & Answers
What is a Legal Paraprofessional (LP)?

In the report and recommendations of the Task Force on the Delivery of Legal Services, a Legal Paraprofessional (LP) was called a Limited License Legal Provider (LLLP). The rules adopted by the Court renamed these providers. An LP is a professional with specific education and experience who is licensed to provide legal services in limited practice areas. This professional is often compared to a nurse practitioner in the medical field.

Can I apply to be a Legal Paraprofessional?
Applications for the legal paraprofessional program will be opening soon. Those who qualify by education or experience as set forth in Arizona Code of Judicial Administration 7-210 are eligible to apply for the examination. After successful completion of the examination, applicants may submit an application for license as a Legal Paraprofessional. Information and application forms will be posted on the "Legal Paraprofessional Program" page under the “Licensing & Regulation” link at the top of the page at
Can I register for the LP exam?
The first examination is expected to be administered in April 2021. Information and updates will be posted on the Legal Paraprofessional Program webpage.
What areas of practice are allowed for an LP?
Applicants must pass an examination in each area of law in which they intend to practice. These areas include:
  • Family law;
  • Limited jurisdiction civil cases;
  • Limited jurisdiction criminal cases where no jail time is involved; and
  • State administrative law (where the administrative agency allows).
What kinds of services are LPs authorized to perform?
LP services may include:
  • Drafting, signing, and filing legal documents;
  • Providing advice, opinions, or recommendations about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options or strategies;
  • Appearing before a court or tribunal; and
  • Negotiating on behalf of a client in the areas or practices that are authorized by the law and if the LP has received a license and endorsement for that area of law.
What is required to sit for the LP examination and to apply for a license?
There are two paths to apply for an LP license: Education-based and experience-based. The education requirements are set forth in section 7-210 (E)(3)(b)(9). If an applicant does not meet the education requirements in 7-210(E)(3)(b)(9), they may qualify through experience described in 7-210(E)(3)(c) that allows applicants to take the exam and apply for an license. Fees associated with the process are listed in 7-210(K).
Where can I find information on:
Requirements to obtain an LP license | LP areas of practice | LP scope of practice | LP ethical requirements
Answers to these questions can be found in the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration sections below:
  • Licensing requirements, including education and experience: 7-210(E)
  • Scope of practice/areas of practice: 7-210(F)
  • Ethical Code: 7-210(J)
Does the public support the concept of Legal Paraprofessionals?
Yes. An overwhelming 80.3% of the public supported the proposal that was adopted as Legal Paraprofessionals.
Where can I get more information?
Email [email protected] or call the Certification and Licensing Division at (602) 452-3378

See Task Force on the Delivery of Legal Services Report and Recommendations
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