Certificates of Good Standing

Rule 74, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court, sets forth the requirements for the issuance of certificates of good standing for attorneys. A certificate of good standing will include any prior public discipline imposed and transfer to or from disability inactive status in the preceding ten (10) years. The certificate shall include any public disciplinary proceedings which may be pending.

The Division strives to process certificates of good standing within 10 business days of receipt. Number of requests and staff resource limitations may result in longer time frames.

To request a Certificate of Good Standing, please read this entire page and the Frequently Asked Questions below before submitting a written request or use one of the forms below and send it to:

Supreme Court of Arizona
Certification and Licensing Division
1501 West Washington, Suite 104
Phoenix, AZ 85007-3231
(602) 452-3378

  Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for Certificate of Good Standing Request Form.

PLEASE NOTE: You may also bring the form and payment to the Certification and Licensing Division (the Division) and request to be contacted when the Certificate is ready to be picked  up. The Division strives to process certificates of good standing within 10 business days of receipt. Allow additional time for processing a “Highest Court” request.  

The Division is unable to process credit card payments for certificates of good standing. 

The written request must include:

  • The name of the attorney being certified and that attorney’s Arizona Bar Number
  • Check or money order for $17.00 per certificate requested 

1.   Some jurisdictions require a certificate of good standing from the "Highest Court" of the state. The Division does not have information on which jurisdictions require a “highest court” certificate. Verify the type of certificate the jurisdiction needs before submitting your request. Other jurisdictions may refer to a “highest court” certificate as a “certificate from the Supreme Court” or from the “Clerk of the Supreme Court.” A “highest court” certificate includes a certificate from the Disciplinary Clerk, as well as a certificate from the Clerk of the Arizona Supreme Court.

2.   The attorney’s name will appear on the Certificate of Good Standing as it appears in the State Bar membership database.  

Disciplinary History

A member of the State Bar of Arizona may also request their discipline history. The request must be in writing and should state whether the member needs all matters reported or only public matters.

The public can  request a disciplinary history on a member of the State Bar of Arizona. These histories only include formal matters, which are public information as required by Rule 70, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court.

There is no charge for discipline histories.