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License Holder Information

Initial Application Documents
Renewal Documents
Authorization, Release, and Affirmation Change of Designated Principal Form

 Affidavit of Employer                                               

Acknowledgement of Designated Principal 
Trainee Supervisor Acknowledgement Non-Renewal Notificaiton Form
List of Acceptable Residency/Citizenship Documents  Good Cause Exception Request Form
Authorization, Release, Oath and Affirmation -Trainee CE Audit Submission Form - 2024-2026 Cycle
Professional Training CE Audit Submission Form - 2026-2028 Cycle
  Continuing Education Extension Form
  Renewal FAQ - 2024-2026 Renewal Cycle                        
Additional Resources Update Information
Request for Hearing - Denial Change Form and Fee Information
Additional Resources Address Change and Directory Information
  Fiduciary Request for Inactive Status
  Request for Voluntary Surrender of License
Administrative Rules, Probate Rules 
and Statutes 
Although not an exhaustive list, the following  links to ACJA provisions, Court Rules and Statutes that impact the Fiduciary practice. 
ACJA § 7-201: General Requirements
ACJA § 7-202: Fiduciaries
ACJA § 3-301: Probate Court Standards
ACJA § 3-302: Probate Court Forms (Forms 1-10)
ACJA § 3-303: Professional Services: Statewide Fee Guidelines and Competitive Bids
Arizona Rules of Probate Procedure
Title 14 - Trusts, Estates and Protective Proceedings