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2. Reviewing Application and Making a Ruling
The clerk or hearing officer will review your Application and make a determination in the Order on Application for Deferral or Waiver of Court Fees or Costs. This determination might occur at the time you file or at a later date.
  • If a waiver is granted, you do not have to pay the filing fees. You are done with the process.

  • If a deferral is granted, the court may set a payment plan or your payments may be postponed to a later date. Remember to make your payments on time to avoid a Consent Judgment entered against you.

  • If your application is denied or a payment plan is set by a special commissioner, you may request the decision be reviewed by a judicial officer by filing a Request and Order for Hearing (Form No. AOCDFGF12F) within 20 days of when the order was mailed or delivered to you.
If Your Case Is Dismissed

If your case is dismissed for any reason, you are still responsible to pay the fees and costs due.
Payment Due Date

If you request a hearing, payments will be on hold until the judicial officer makes a decision.