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Arizona Steering Committee on Artificial Intelligence and the Courts

As part of the Court’s ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement of legal services, the Court recognizes the transformative nature Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies will likely have on the justice system. AI technologies present unprecedented opportunities and challenges and have the potential to further improve the way courts process cases, streamline workflows and analyze legal information, and impact decision-making. However, it is imperative to approach the integration of AI into court processes in an organized manner that takes into account ethical issues, proper handling of confidential information, understanding of possible biases, and the proper use of these new technologies.

The Arizona Steering Committee on Artificial Intelligence and the Courts (AISC) was established by Administrative Order No. 2024-33. Among the charges of the committee are:

  1. Advise the Arizona Judicial Council on matters related to the implementation, evaluation, and ethical use of AI technologies within the state’s judicial system.
  2. Serve as a collaborative platform bringing together experts in AI technologies, legal professionals, technologists, and stakeholders from within and outside the judiciary.
  3. Identify and implement AI solutions by recommending guidelines for identifying and implementing AI solutions to improve the efficiency of business processes, reduce case backlogs, enhance overall operational effectiveness, and improve access.
  4. Develop guidelines and best practices to ensure the responsible use of AI in the judiciary, mitigating potential biases and upholding the principles of fairness and justice.
  5. Rules, procedures, and products for use of AI technologies by judicial officers, legal practitioners, and judicial employees and shall recommend specific products to be authorized as state standard technologies, for common work procedures in the judiciary.
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Location: State Courts Building, Conference Room 119 A/B

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General Public

You may attend the meetings in person or by conference call. If joining by conference call, please ensure that your telephone is muted. Do not place the call on hold. The “Call to the Public” portion of the agenda is provided for public comment and may occur at any time during the meeting, at the Chair's discretion. Each public comment is limited to 3 minutes.
Call to the Public

You may address the committee by submitting (1) your name, (2) who you are representing, and (3) subject you wish to speak about by email, a week prior to the meeting. The Chair will call the name of each person when it is time to speak. Please listen to those who go before you and try to avoid repeating statements.


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