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Rule 11 ARCP

AO 2022-45

ARS § 13-603

ARS § 13-717

ARS § 13-4503

ARS § 13-4504

ARS § 13-4505

ARS § 13-4507

ARS § 13-4509

ARS § 13-4510

ARS § 13-4511

ARS § 13-4512

ARS § 13-4513

ARS § 13-4514

ARS § 13-4515

ARS § 13-4516

ARS § 13-4517


2023 Rule 11 Final Report

Leading Reform: Competence to Stand Trial Systems

Mental Competency in Criminal Proceedings (Hastings Law Journal)

Best Practices in Restoration to Cometency Programs

Rethinking Competency to Stand Trial

Caging the Incompetent

Just and Well: Rethinking How States Approach Competency to Stand Trial

Criminal Mental Health Project -Eleventh Judicial Ciruit of Florida

Outcomes of Florida Diversion Program for Mentally ill Offenders

Miami-Dade Forensic Alternative Center Program Status Report

Rule 11 Hearings and Prescreens Presentation

Model Legal Process to Support Clinical Intervention of Persons with Severe Mental Illness

Statewide Behavioral Health Leadership Positions Are Recommended

Conference of Chief Justices: Response to Mental Illness

State Courts Leading Change: Report and Recommendation October 2022

Rule 11 Interim Report, October 2022