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eFiling Announcements
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The Arizona Supreme Court is working to enhance eFileAZ, to support additional case types for all courts. The enhancements are ongoing and designed to make the eFiling experience easy-to-use and efficient for all eFiling needs. eFileAZ is available for eFiling as follows:
  Available Case Types by County  
  Case Initiation Filings:  I Case Initiation Filings and Subsequent Case Filings:  I/S  
  Subsequent Filings:  S eFiling is NOT available:  X  
  County Civil Criminal Juvenile Delinquency Family Probate Guardianship  
  Apache I/S S S I/S S S  
  Cochise I/S S S I/S S S  
  Coconino I/S S S I/S S S  
  Gila I/S S S I/S S S  
  Graham I/S S S I/S S S  
  Greenlee I/S S S I/S S S  
  La Paz I/S S S I/S S S  
  Maricopa* I/S X X I/S X X  
  Mohave I/S S S I/S S S  
  Navajo I/S S S I/S S S  
  Pima I/S S X I/S X X  
  Pinal I/S S S I/S S S  
  Santa Cruz I/S S S I/S S S  
  Yavapai I/S S S I/S S S  
  Yuma I/S S X I/S S S  
  * For criminal cases filed in Maricopa County, contact the Clerk's Office for information about its locally supported e-filing process.  
Last updated: 05/16/2022