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Superior Court eFiling Availability
The Superior Court offers eFiling through the eFileAZ and AZTurboCourt applications. For information about eFiling requirements and exclusions, view Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 1-901.
AZTurboCourt provides limited services. For all counties, AZTurboCourt may be used by litigants and attorneys to eFile documents for civil cases. In Maricopa County only, AZTurboCourt may be used to file documents into existing tax cases. Additionally, in Maricopa County and in Pima County, AZTurboCourt may be used by process servers to eFile documents into existing civil cases.
For AZTurboCourt training resources, view the AZTurboCourt Training Resources.
eFileAZ may be used by litigants, attorneys, legal paraprofessionals, court reporters, mediators, arbitrators, special masters, and process servers. See the charts below for county-specific information regarding the case types that are available for eFiling.
For eFileAZ training resources, view the eFileAZ Training Resources for Superior Court.
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  eFileAZ Availability - Case Types by County  
  Case Initiation Filings:  I Case Initiation Filings and Subsequent Case Filings:  I/S  
  Subsequent Filings:  S eFiling is NOT available:  X  
  County Civil Criminal Juvenile Delinquency Family Probate/ Guardianship Mental Health  
  Apache I/S S S I/S S X  
  Cochise I/S S S I/S S X  
  Coconino I/S S S I/S S X  
  Gila I/S S S I/S S X  
  Graham I/S S S I/S S X  
  Greenlee I/S S S I/S S X  
  La Paz I/S S S I/S S X  
  Maricopa* I/S X X I/S X I/S  
  Mohave I/S S S I/S S X  
  Navajo I/S S S I/S S X  
  Pima I/S S X I/S X X  
  Pinal I/S S S I/S S X  
  Santa Cruz I/S S S I/S S X  
  Yavapai I/S S S I/S S X  
  Yuma I/S S X I/S S X  
  * Maricopa County locally supports eFiling for criminal, juvenile adoption, adoption certification, delinquency, emancipation, guardianship, dependency, and severance cases. For additional information, view the Clerk’s efiling information page.  
Last updated: 05/23/2024