2011 Child Support Calculator

The 2011 Child Support Calculator is an interactive document that will calculate a child support amount based on the Arizona Child Support Guidelines that became effective June 1, 2011. The calculator is designed to function with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10. If using a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader other than version 10, review the steps below and proceed to the download page to install or upgrade your reader before attempting to calculate support.

The purpose of this calculator is informational and educational only and does not constitute legal advice.  The amount of child support a court will order for any particular case may be different from the amount estimated by the calculator.  The court has the final authority to determine the amount of child support awarded.  The amount yielded by this calculator is only an estimate and is not a guarantee of the amount of child support that will be awarded.  Please see an attorney for more detailed information.


Definitions of commonly used child support words are located in the “HELP” file that is easily accessed while working in the child support calculator. “Hover help” is also available by simply placing the cursor over the question mark sign  for further explanation of that specific data field. Also, look for words or phrases that are featured in blue font and underlined. When clicked, a general explanation of the word or phrase will appear on the screen.


Before starting the child support calculation, gather the information listed below, if applicable to your case.

  • Children’s names and dates of birth.
  • Gross income of both parents.
  • Spousal maintenance paid or received by either parent.
  • Court-ordered child support for children of other relationships.
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance costs for children only.
  • Extra education expenses paid.
  • Extraordinary child expenses paid.
  • Parenting time days per year, if not equal parenting time.
  • Court-ordered arrears paid by the noncustodial parent.

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