Child Support Calculator Help


Petitioner name
Nothing 2

IV-D case
Check if filed as a IV-D case by the State of Arizona.

Respondent name
Insert Respondent's name as it appears in court records. The Respondent is the person who responds or answers the complaint.

Time-sharing arrangement
Enter the appropriate parenting time schedule.

Third-party caregiver
Enter the name of the caregiver.

Case number
Enter case number, if known

ATLAS number
Enter ATLAS number, if known

Select the applicable time-sharing arrangement from the drop-down box below.
If more than six children are the subject of this order, enter the children's dates of birth starting from oldest to youngest to receive the maximum adjustment for children 12 or older

Presumptive Termination Date
This field automatically calculates. The presumptive termination date shall be the last day of the month of the 18th birthday of the youngest child included in the order unless the court finds that it is projected that the youngest child will not complete high school by age 18. In that event, the presumptive termination date shall be the last day of the month of the anticipated graduation date or age 19, whichever occurs first. See Arizona Child Support Guidelines, Section 4. Duration of Child Support.

Actual Termination Date
Enter another termination date only if different than the presumptive termination date automatically calculated.

Actual Grade
Enter the actual grade (1-12) youngest child is in now (or will start in September) only if different than the estimated grade. For this purpose, consider a child entering the next grade on June 1 of each year.

Middle Initial

Date of Birth
Date format: mm/dd/yyyy. For example: 7/24/2001

Income (Hourly, Monthly, Yearly)
Insert the hourly, monthly , or annual gross income for each parent in the appropriate box.

Custodial parent to other child(ren) subject of court order(s)
Enter the number of children of other relationships covered by a court order for whom the parent is the custodian.

Other natural or adopted children not subject of court order(s)
Optional. May enter the number of other natural or adopted children not covered by court order.

Alternate Deduction (only if less than standard)
Optional. No need to enter an amount unless you desire a deduction less that the simplified application of the guidelines.

Children Over 12 percentage dropdown
Optional. No need to change the value unless the number of children over 12 is to be changed or a percentage less than 10% is desired.

Medical, dental and vision insurance paid
Enter only the portion of the premium amount that is spent for the child(ren's) insurance.

Medical, dental and vision insurance paid - Third-party caregiver
Enter only the portion of the premium amount that is spent for the child(ren's) insurance.

Monthly childcare costs for (number) child(ren) paid
Optional. Tax credit is generally available only to the custodial parent of children under age 13. Change the default number only if a different number is desired. For third-party caregiver, determine whether childcare expenses paid by third-party caregiver are available, and enter monthly amount LESS allowable federal tax credit, if any, to third-party caregiver. See IRS Publication 503.

Less federal tax credit allowed to custodian (percentage)
Optional. Change from default only if proven by the parent paying the childcare costs.

Parenting time cost adjustment
Insert the number of days each year that the noncustodial parent has parenting time with the child(ren), OR enter parenting time percentage only.

Parenting Time Table
If using Table A, parenting time days must be between 0 and 182.5 days. If using Table B, parenting time days must be between 143 and 182.5 days.


Filing on behalf of
Select Petitioner or Respondent

Petitioner is
You must correctly identify if Father or Mother is the Petitioner in order for the forms to populate correctly.

No Attorney
The default for this item assumes this party is not represented by an attorney. If represented by an attorney, unselect this box.

State Bar Number
Insert attorney's state bar number, if represented.

Primary Contact Email
Insert an email address in case the court or clerk needs to contact you.

Party that owes child support
This field will auto-populate with the obligor identified from the worksheet, if coming from the calculator.

Filing County
Select the county in which this matter is being filed, or that has jurisdiction of your case.

IV-D case?
Check this if the State has an interest in this case. Generally, only the state's child support enforcement agency, the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE), or their agent, will need to check this box. When checked, a special header is included on the child support forms to indicate the State of Arizona is represented.

Case Number
A case number is provided when a petition is originally filed. Include your case number in order to self-populate the forms.

This is a 12-digit number provided by the State Disbursement Unit (SDU), commonly known as the support payment clearinghouse.

Date of Birth
Date format: mm/dd/yy. For example 07/24/2001.

Protect Mailing Address
Check this box if your address is protected. If checked, the address provided will only print on the Confidential Sensitive Data form that is not accessible to the public.

Two-letter format, example "AZ".

Contact Phone 1
Insert the best telephone number to reach you.

Contact Phone 2
Insert an alternate telephone number.

Email address
Insert your email address.

Current Employer Name
Insert the current employer's name.

Employer Address
The current employer's payroll address may be different from the employee's worksite address.  The payroll address is necessary in order to send an income withholding order to the correct address to avoid delay in processing.

Employer City, State, Zip Code
In order for the employer's payroll address to populate correctly, the user MUST place a comma (" , ") behind the employer's payroll city.  For example:  Gilbert, AZ 85233

Employer FEIN
The 9-digit FEIN is located on the employee's W-4 form in the upper left-hand corner. Although the FEIN is helpful to the State Disbursement Unit (Support Payment Clearinghouse) to identify cases and children, it is not mandatory to include.

Employer Telephone Number
Insert the employer's telephone number.

Employer Fax Number
Insert the employer's fax number.

Select either "F" for female or "M" for male.

Date of Birth
Enter child(ren)'s birth dates starting with the oldest child(ren) to the youngest child(ren) in order.

Social Security #
You must include the child(ren)'s Social Security Numbers in order for the forms to populate correctly. The children's Social Security Numbers are mandatory for the new IWO form.  The Social Security Numbers are not saved in this program and are not accessible to the public view.

Child 1
Enter child(ren)'s names and dates of birth starting with the oldest child(ren) to the youngest child(ren) in order.

Type of Order
Select "Original" if this is the first order for support. Select "Amended" if this will change an existing support order. Any changes to an IWO must be done through an amended IWO. The "One-Time Order/Notice for Lump Sum Payment" is generally limited for use by the Division of Child Support Enforcement. The "Termination of IWO" option is not currently available for use through the child support calculator application.

Sending Entity
Select the entity that is sending this IWO to the employor/income withholder. If an attorney or private individual is filling out this form, a copy of the underlying order containing a provision authorizing income withholding must be attached.

Field defaults to Arizona; however, the field may be edited. This must be a governmental entity of the state or a tribal organization authorized by a tribal government to operate a child support enforcement program.

Insert the name of the city, county or district sending this form. This must be a governmental entity of the state or the name of the tribe authorized by a tribal government to operate a child support enforcement program for which this form is being sent.  A tribe should leave this field blank unless submitting this form on behalf of another tribe.

Private Individual/Entity
Insert the name of the private individual/entity or non IV-D tribal child support enforcement organization sending this form. If this is an original IWO that is intended to be processed by the court or clerk of court office, check the "court" box.

Order Information
NOTE: The monthly amounts shown in the table below may appear differently on the printed IWO. This is because all past-due monthly payments (including past-due child support, past-due spousal maintenance, past-due cash medical support, and any other past-due monthly obligation as ordered by the court), will be combined and included in the "past-due child support" field on the IWO. The "past-due cash medical support" field and the "past-due spousal maintenance" fields should not be used.

Remittance Information
Enter the 12-digit ATLAS number, if already assigned. The employer or income withholder must include the ATLAS number when sending payments to the State Disbursement Unit so the payment can be identified and applied correctly.

Document Tracking Identifier
Enter a unique identifier assigned by the sender. This identifier can be a docket number, case name or a code supplied by the sender.  This is not a mandatory field.

FIPS code
Enter the 5-digit FIPS code. For example: 04015 = Arizona, Mohave County. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes:

Arizona (AZ) 04

Code Name


Code Name


Code Name













La Paz











Santa Cruz

















Remit payment to:

Input defaults to Arizona State Disbursement Unit (SDU) address (Support Payment Clearinghouse). The name and address of the SDU must be included or the employer or income withholder can return the IWO to the sender. Federal law requires payments made by IWO to be sent to the SDU except for payments in which the initial child support order was entered before January 1, 1994 or payments in tribal child support enforcement orders. (Address below reflects the non-tribal child support enforcement SDU address.)  In Arizona, the order should be directed to :

                                                        Arizona Support Payment Clearinghouse
                                                                               PO Box 52107
                                                                       Phoenix, AZ 85072-2107

Additional Information
Insert information, such as fees the employer or income withholder may charge or children's names and dates of birth, if there are more than six children. Any additional information must be consistent with the requirements of the form and the instructions.

Issuer Contact Information
Insert the name, phone and fax numbers, and email or website of the contact person that the employer or income withholder may contact for information regarding this IWO.

Presumptive Termination Date
Input defaults to the date the order is presumed to terminate unless "Actual Termination Date" field has input. The presumptive termination date is the date when the youngest child who is subject to this order is expected to emancipate as defined in A.R.S. §§ 25-320 and 25-501. The presumptive termination date of this order may be modified by the court upon changed circumstances.

Establishment of Child Support (Post-paternity)
Establish a child support order after legal paternity has been determined.

Type of Judgment
Select the manner by which this order comes to the court.

Paternity Judgment and Child Support Order
Paternity has already been determined by an acknowledgement of paternity or by the Hospital Paternity Program and the parties desire to establish a paternity order and to order child support. 

Vital Record Changes
Select one of the boxes if requesting the court to order amendment of registered birth certificate(s).

Current Name
Optional. Enter the name of the person currently listed as the father on the birth certificate.

New Name
Enter the name of the person who is being determined as the legal father.

Current Name
Include the child(ren's) first, middle and current last name.

New Name
Include the child(ren's) first, middle and new last name.

Paternity Established
Select the manner by which this order comes to the court.

Presumptive Father
List the name of a presumptive father that was married to the mother within 10 months before birth or 10 months after the marriage terminated. See A.R.S. section 25-814. Select the circumstance that is appropriate for your matter.

Select the appropriate circumstance for your matter.

Payable on the first day of each month commencing
Specify the date when current monthly support begins. (See A.R.S. section 25-503). If the court order does not specify the date when current support begins, the support obligation begins to accrue on the first day of the month following the entry of the order.

Rounding adjustment to:
Optional. You may request the court to order the calculated support amount to be changed slightly to a dollar amount without cents. This is not considered a deviation. For example, the calculated child support amount is $436.47. A rounded amount is $436.00.

Deviation exists
If a deviation is requested, provide the court with the reasons why the application of the guidelines would be inappropriate or unjust in this case. NOTE: Do not exceed more than 243 characters. Words in excess of 243 characters will not print in the order. 

Amount Monthly
Insert monthly obligation amount ordered in this case.

Past Due Amount Monthly
Enter amount of monthly payment desired on past due spousal maintenance.

Support Arrears
Select from the list the appropriate circumstance for your matter. The selections include circumstances where no support arrears exist in this case, no evidence has been presented to the court regarding support arrears, or there are support arrears and there is a desire to include a judgment amount along with a monthly payment on arrears amount.

Judgment Amount
Enter the total principal amount of child support arrearage for the calculated period.

Responsible Party
Select Father or Mother to be responsible for providing medical insurance for the child(ren) that is accessible and available at a reasonable cost. Enter a monthly amount of cash medical support order below.

If insurance is not obtained within 90 days, responsible party shall pay monthly amount of
Select if the noncustodian is requested to pay a cash medical support amount if the child(ren) is not covered under an insurance plan within 90 days per A.R.S. section 25-320(L).

Other Findings and Orders
Use this field to insert other orders regarding past-due cash medical support judgments, etc.