Court Investigators

Upon the filing of a petition for appointment of a guardian or conservator, the court is required to appoint a court investigator.

An individual must complete a training course prescribed by the Supreme Court before being appointed as a probate court investigator. In addition, the investigator must file a copy of the certificate of completion issued by the Supreme Court with the court making the appointment; and complete an additional training course prescribed by the Supreme Court every five (5) years and file the certificate of completion with the court.

This training program is available for individuals to download and complete on their own schedule. To obtain the link for the training materials, send an email to Probate. Upon completion of the training program and submission of the required homework assignment, a certificate of completion will be issued and the investigator’s name will be added to the statewide list of individuals who have completed the training. Completion of the training program and the homework assignment takes approximately three (3) hours.

There is no statewide format for the Court Investigator Report. Court Investigators should contact the appointing court to determine if the court has a specific format for the Court Investigator Reports filed in that county. The following Sample Investigator Reports provide examples of the format in use across the state and the information contained in the report; however, they are for general information purposes only for persons appointed as court investigators.