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Life Care Planning
Making choices about future health care treatment decisions.

Life Care Planning is an important task for all of us, whether young or old, healthy or facing challenges. Through increased awareness and access to information, Arizonans of all ages can make their choices known about who will manage their medical affairs in the event of an emergency.

All states have laws that allow us to make future health care treatment decisions now so that if we become incapacitated and unable to make these decisions later, our family and doctors will know what medical care we want or do not want. State laws also allow us to appoint a representative to make future health care treatment decisions for us if we become incapacitated. These laws are called "advance directives" or "health care directives" and apply to Arizonans of all ages, not just senior citizens. Because these laws are somewhat different from state to state, it is recommended to contact the state’s Attorney General’s Office about the laws of that state.

The content for the Life Care Planning webpages available on this website is courtesy of the Office of the Attorney General of Arizona