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Restitution Forms and Instructions

Did you know there are different types of restitution liens?


Criminal Restitution Order (CRO)


A Criminal Restitution Order, or CRO, is typically entered by the court after the completion of the defendant's probation period or sentence (or if the defendant absconded) when there is an unpaid balance of any restitution order. The law also allows the court to enter a CRO at the time the defendant is ordered to pay restitution. Interest accrues at the rate of 10% per year.

Before you proceed with obtaining your own restitution lien, you should check to see if there is a CRO already filed in the criminal case in which you were named a victim and an order entered for you to receive restitution. Contact the Victim Services Unit of the prosecutor's office if you are unsure.

If there is a CRO, check with the county recorder (of the sentencing county) to see if it has been recorded, and with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). If the defendant tries to sell real property in the sentencing county or a vehicle in the state, any monies paid will go to the clerk of the court for distribution as prioritized by law (Authority: ARS § 13-805).



Restitution Lien


A Restitution Lien is used when restitution has been ordered but no CRO has been entered. Any person entitled to restitution pursuant to a court order may file one. Establishing a Restitution Lien does take some time, but can be an effective tool in collecting restitution. It attaches to real property (in the county or counties it is recorded in) and vehicles owned by the defendant (when filed with MVD). A Restitution Lien filed with the Secretary of State perfects against interests in personal property. Once paid off, it is the responsibility of the lienholder to release the liens involved (Authority: ARS § 13-806).




Restitution Forms
Form Title Form No.
Filing a Restitution Lien AOCGN1I
Restitution Lien AOCGN1F
Obtaining a Pre-Conviction Restitution Lien AOCGN2I
Request for Pre-Conviction Restitution Lien AOCGN2F
Pre-Conviction Restitution Lien AOCGN3F
Clerk of Court Cover Letter (Restitution Lien) AOCGN4F
Clerk of Court Cover Letter (Request for Pre-Conviction Restitution Lien) AOCGN5F
County Recorder Cover Letter AOCGN6F
Information Statement of Judgment Creditor AOCGN7F
Releasing a Restitution Lien on a Vehicle AOCGN8I
MVD Request for Release of Lien AOCGN8F
Releasing a Restitution Lien on Real Property AOCGN9I
Release of Restitution Lien on Real Property AOCGN9F
MVD Request for Lien AOCGN10F
Instructions for Petition for Order to Show Cause AOCGN11I
Petition for Order to Show Cause AOCGN11F
Victim’s Request for Payment History AOCGN12F