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Roles and Responsibilities
Several parties play a role in a criminal case and have unique responsibilities from the probation officer and prosecuting agency to the victim, victim advocate, and department of corrections.

Probation Officer

The probation officer monitors the defendant to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of probation, which includes restitution when a probation sentence is imposed. (Monitoring and supervision levels are dependent on the sentence imposed.)

Probation Officer (cont'd)

If the defendant is not complying with the conditions of probation, the probation officer addresses those issues with the court. Finally, the probation officer requests a Criminal Restitution Order (CRO) at the end of the term of probation.

Prosecuting Agency

The prosecuting agency is the legal party responsible for presenting the case against an individual suspected of breaking the law. The prosecuting agency also recommends the sentencing of offenders.

Clerk of the Court

The clerk of the court maintains court files, receives and allocates court-ordered payments, and issues payments to victims.


The victim has the right to retain counsel to appear on their behalf. The victim may opt-in to request victims' rights and keeps their contact information current with criminal justice agencies. The victim compiles a list of economic losses and documentation and provides a restitution request to the prosecuting agency.

Victim Advocate

The victim advocate notifies opted-in victims of their rights and assists the victim with referrals to agencies and services that can assist with victims' needs. The victim advocate may assist victims with compiling their restitution documentation and acts as a liaison between the prosecutor and the victim.


The court orders pre-sentence investigations, which may include victim input, restitution claims, and a recommended payment schedule. Additionally, the court orders a restitution amount and sets a payment schedule.

Department of Corrections

If restitution is ordered, a percentage of the inmate's banking funds is deducted and sent to the clerk of the court for disbursement. Contact the Office of Victim Services regarding corrections and restitution, or the inmate's status.