Rule Petitions- Rejected

The following rule petitions were rejected:

This was a sua sponte petition to amend Rule 31.12 of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure and Rule 6(c) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure.   It would have required paragraph numbers in paper-filed documents, and as set forth in Supreme Court Rule 124(f) for electronically filed documents.

See further the disposition of R-11-0012, supra, which resulted in the deletion of the current language in Rule 124.

This petition to amend Supreme Court Rule 111 and Rule 28 of the Arizona Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure would have permitted citation of non-Arizona “unpublished” decisions as authorized by the issuing jurisdiction.

This petition to amend Supreme Court Rule 31(d) would have allowed an authorized agent of a planned community association or a condominium unit owners' association to prepare, execute, and record liens on behalf of associations; communicate with homeowners about unpaid assessments and fees; and represent associations in procedures before the small claims division in justice courts.

This petition by the State Bar would have amended Rules 5(c) and 6(e) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure to permit service either through a court-authorized electronic transmission system, or by electronic mail when an attorney is served on behalf of a party.

See further the comment added by R-11-0012, supra, to Supreme Court Rule 124.