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Multiple Convictions
Please read ARS § 13-911 in its entirety. These Info Sheets are intended to help those who are seeking to file a petition or have had a ruling on a petition to seal a criminal case record under ARS § 13-911. Nothing in these Info Sheets supersedes what is provided in statute and does not restrict local rules and practice of a particular court in processing petitions.

Multiple Convictions

If you have been convicted of two or more offenses and you have not been convicted of any other offense (except a misdemeanor offense in Title 28, excluding a DUI), you may be eligible to petition the court to seal your records:

  1. after you complete the conditions of your probation or sentence;
  2. you have been discharged by the court; and
  3. the required period of time for each conviction has passed as set forth in ARS § 13-911(E). NOTE: If you have a prior historical felony conviction, you must wait an additional five years.