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Victim Rights
For both juvenile offenses and adult offenses, when a warrant is issued and the person is arrested, if a victim has requested notice, the law enforcement agency responsible for the original investigation must notify the victim of the arrest and provide the telephone number of the place where the arrested person is being held. A.R.S. §§ 8-386.01 and 13-4405.01.

In turn, police must provide the victim’s information to the custodial agency where the alleged offender is being held, in order to notify the victim of the release or escape of the suspect. A.R.S. §§ 8-393 and 13-4412.

If the alleged offender is a juvenile, law enforcement must also advise the victim that they must contact the juvenile detention center if the victim wishes to be contacted upon the juvenile’s release.

After a probation violation arrest, when release is being considered, the victim has a right to be heard and given notice of the hearing, including the initial appearance.