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Scope and Format of a Search Warrant
  • Includes a location
  • Specifics to be searched
  • Evidence to be seized
  • Can include computers, software, and media
  • Daytime/nighttime authority

County of                                             , State of Arizona.

To any peace officer in the State of Arizona:

Proof by affidavit having been this day made before me by (naming every person whose affidavit has been taken) there is probable cause for believing that (stating the grounds of the application) according to section 13-3912, you are therefore commanded in the daytime (or in the night, as the case may be, according to section 13-3917) to make a search of (naming persons, buildings, premises or vehicles, describing each with reasonable particularity) for the following property, persons or things: (describing such with reasonable particularity), and if you find such or any part thereof, to retain such in your custody subject to section 13-3920.

Given under my hand or direction and dated                                             (date)
                                            (judge, justice of the peace or magistrate)

A.R.S. § 13-3915.