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Types of Legal Representation
What Are Your Legal Needs?

In Arizona, there are multiple ways a lawyer might represent or assist a person: limited scope, fixed rate, ghostwriting, and full service representation. Before deciding whether to hire a lawyer read through the different types of representation that may be available to you based on your legal needs. These different types of legal representation vary in cost, depending on the services provided.
Types of Legal Representation

Limited Scope Representation

Limited scope representation is when a case is broken up into segments and you pay an attorney for the parts they help you with. The attorney and client sign a contract stating what the attorney is assisting with for the case. This method may be cheaper than full representation and places the responsibility of handling the case back on the client.


Full Service Representation

Full service representation is the traditional method of legal assistance where you pay an hourly rate to the attorney or law firm. Often you are provided a free consultation, around 30 minutes long. This is where you tell the lawyer about your case. Then they provide advice and recommendations on the next steps in your legal matter. When you hire a lawyer, they are responsible for overseeing legal research, document filings, court appearances, and many more tasks.



Ghostwriting is when a lawyer is hired and paid an agreed upon price to do legal research, prepare a document or documents for the court. The lawyer does not sign, put their name on, or file the documents they prepare.


Fixed Rate Representation

Fixed rate representation is when the client pays one price for full legal representation in a single matter. The attorney is responsible for filings, appearances, motions, pleas, and any other issues that may arise.