Arizona Judicial Branch

Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence

The Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence was established by Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch on June 11, 2012. The Committee will periodically conduct a review and analysis of the Arizona Rules of Evidence, review all proposals to amend the Arizona Rules of Evidence, compare the rules to the Federal Rules of Evidence, recommend revisions and additional rules as the Committee deems appropriate, entertain comments concerning the rules, and provide reports to this Court, as appropriate.

       Administrative Order No. 2012-43

      Administrative Order No. 2012-74  (Amending Administrative Order No. 2012-43)


Agenda for Advisory Committee Meeting 09-12-2014

    Agenda for Advisory Committee Meeting 04-25-2014

    Agenda for Advisory Committee Meeting 01-31-2014

    Agenda for Advisory Committee Meeting 10-18-2013

    Agenda for Advisory Committee Meeting 4-19-2013

    Agenda for Advisory Committee Meeting 1-18-2013    

    Agenda for Advisory Committee Meeting 9-28-2012


    Minutes for 4-25-2014 Committee Meeting

    Minutes for 01-31-2014 Committee Meeting

    Minutes for 10-18-2013 Committee Meeting

    Minutes for 4-19-2013 Committee Meeting

    Minutes for 1-18-2013 Committee Meeting

    Minutes for 9-28-2012 Committee Meeting

Subcommittee Reports:


  R-14-0002 Petition to Amend Arizona Rules of Evidence, Rules 801(d)(1)(B) & 803(6)-(8)

  R-12-0034 Petition to Amend Arizona Rules of Evidence, Rule 803(10).pdf


    Rule 412 Comment

For general Inquiries regarding the Committee meetings, please call 602- 452-3528
Members of the public may attend the meeting in person.