Arizona Judicial Branch

Rules of Evidence

Supreme Court Number Rules Affected EffectiveDate
 R-17-0003 Order amending Rules 803(16) and 902, Arizona Rules of Evidence (would amend Arizona Rules of Evidence 803(16) and 902 to be consistent with proposed amendments to Federal Rules of Evidence 803(16) and 902), effective January 1, 2018. January 1, 2018 
 R-16-0010 Order amending Rules 47(a), 47(d), 47(k) 48(b), 57(a), 58(d), 58(j), 79(f), 96(a), and 96(f), Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court; Rules 5(a), 7(a), 9(e), and 9(f), Arizona Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure; Rules 46.E., 74.E., and 85.A., Arizona Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court; Rule 2, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure; Rules 35.5, 35.7, and 41, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure; Rule 502(b), Arizona Rules of Evidence; Rules 2.H., 9.E., 10.D., 15.A., 16.B., 17.B., 17.D., 35.B., and 36A., Arizona Rules of Probate Procedure; Rules 1 and 9.i., Rules of Procedure for Eviction Actions; the “Introduction to the Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure,” Rule 101.d., and Appendix 4, Rules of Procedure for Justice Court; and Rule 1(c), Rules of Procedure for Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions (revising the civil rules)  January 1, 2017
 R-14-0002 Order amending Rules 801(d)(1)(B) and 803(6)-(8) (conforming rules to pending amendments to the Federal rules of evidence)  January 1, 2015
 R-12-0034 Order amending Rule 803(10), Rules of Evidence ( “notice and demand” procedure for production of witness for forensic test analyses)  January 1, 2014
R-11-0039 Order amending prefatory comments, and  Rules 609, 803 and 804, Arizona Rules of Evidence (additional amendments to rules of evidence),  January 1, 2013
R-10-0035 Amended Order amending Rules of Evidence and Rule 17.4(f), Rules of Criminal Procedure  January 1, 2012
R-09-0009 Rule 804(b)(5), Rules of Evidence  January 1, 2010
R-09-0004 Rule 502, Rules of Evidence  January 1, 2010
R-08-0036 Rules 703 and 705, Rules of Evidence

January 1, 2010

R-08-0035 Rule 408, Arizona Rules of Evidence January 1, 2010
R-05-0015 Rule 404(c), Arizona Rules of Evidence.

Dec. 1, 2005

R-03-0008 Rule 902(12), Arizona Rules of Evidence

June 1, 2004

R-03-0008 Rules 803 and 902, Arizona Rules of Evidence

Dec. 1, 2003