Arizona Judicial Branch

Rules of Evidence

Supreme Court Number Rules Affected EffectiveDate
 R-16-0010 Order amending Rules 47(a), 47(d), 47(k) 48(b), 57(a), 58(d), 58(j), 79(f), 96(a), and 96(f), Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court; Rules 5(a), 7(a), 9(e), and 9(f), Arizona Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure; Rules 46.E., 74.E., and 85.A., Arizona Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court; Rule 2, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure; Rules 35.5, 35.7, and 41, Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure; Rule 502(b), Arizona Rules of Evidence; Rules 2.H., 9.E., 10.D., 15.A., 16.B., 17.B., 17.D., 35.B., and 36A., Arizona Rules of Probate Procedure; Rules 1 and 9.i., Rules of Procedure for Eviction Actions; the “Introduction to the Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure,” Rule 101.d., and Appendix 4, Rules of Procedure for Justice Court; and Rule 1(c), Rules of Procedure for Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions (revising the civil rules)  January 1, 2017
 R-14-0002 Order amending Rules 801(d)(1)(B) and 803(6)-(8) (conforming rules to pending amendments to the Federal rules of evidence)  January 1, 2015
 R-12-0034 Order amending Rule 803(10), Rules of Evidence ( “notice and demand” procedure for production of witness for forensic test analyses)  January 1, 2014
R-11-0039 Order amending prefatory comments, and  Rules 609, 803 and 804, Arizona Rules of Evidence (additional amendments to rules of evidence),  January 1, 2013
R-10-0035 Amended Order amending Rules of Evidence and Rule 17.4(f), Rules of Criminal Procedure  January 1, 2012
R-09-0009 Rule 804(b)(5), Rules of Evidence  January 1, 2010
R-09-0004 Rule 502, Rules of Evidence  January 1, 2010
R-08-0036 Rules 703 and 705, Rules of Evidence

January 1, 2010

R-08-0035 Rule 408, Arizona Rules of Evidence January 1, 2010
R-05-0015 Rule 404(c), Arizona Rules of Evidence.

Dec. 1, 2005

R-03-0008 Rule 902(12), Arizona Rules of Evidence

June 1, 2004

R-03-0008 Rules 803 and 902, Arizona Rules of Evidence

Dec. 1, 2003