Revenue & Expenditure Summary


  • Total statewide court revenue decreased 2.9% from $397.0 million in FY 2012 to $385.6 million in FY 2013.  While revenue decreased by 2.9%, case filings decreased by 6.6% during the same period, reflecting the continuing efforts of the courts statewide to collect court-ordered fines, fees, and surcharges. See Graph A.
  • Graph B represents the trend in increased court revenue above the $70 million benchmark established in FY 1988. Since that time, courts have collected approximately $4.129 billion in additional revenue. See Graph B.
  • Of the total court system revenue, the state received 44.1%, counties received 30.7% and cities and towns 25.2%. See Graph C.
  • 47.6% of total court revenue was generated by municipal courts, 28.4% by justice courts, 22.7% by Superior Court and 1.3% by appellate courts. See Graph D.
  • Total restitution payments for victims collected by Courts decreased by 4.7% from $18.7 million in FY 2012 to $17.8 million in FY 2013.

Graph A
Arizona Court Revenue chart graphic
Graph B
Arizona Court Revenue Above Benchmark chart graphic
Graph C
Proportion of Revenue Generated by Level of Government chart graphic
Graph D

Proportion of Revenue Generated by the Court Level chart graphic

  • Total statewide court expenditures increased 0.5% from $715.5 million in FY 2012 to $719.4 million in FY 2013. See Graph A.
  • 65.1% of the total funds spent by the court system were from the counties, 19.8% from the state, 13.7% from cities and towns, and 1.5% from federal and private sources. See Graph B.
  • 68.8% of total court expenditures were in Superior Court (including probation), 13.7% in municipal courts, 10.4% at the appellate level and 7.1% in the justice courts See Graph C.
Graph A
Arizona Court Expenditures Chart Graphic
Graph B
Porportion of Expenditures by Government chart graphic
Graph C
Porportion of Expenditures by Court Level chart graphic