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A Message from the Chief Justice

Chief Justice Timmer

Dear Fellow Arizonans, Friends, and Colleagues:

I am honored and privileged to serve Arizona as the twenty-seventh Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. During the past year, I have traveled to every county in the state, met with community leaders, and assembled a diverse group of stakeholders to plan where the judicial branch should devote its limited resources during my five-year term. We had no shortage of enthusiasm or ideas. I am pleased to present the fruit of those efforts, a strategic agenda that will shape our efforts from now until 2029.

One of the prerogatives of being Chief Justice is getting to name the new strategic agenda. I chose “… and Justice for All.” Anyone who has recited the Pledge of Allegiance will recognize this phrase. It is a simple and elegant concept; but achieving it has too often proved elusive. The judicial branch’s commitment to delivering justice for everyone in our state, however, remains resolute. Thus, building on the excellent work of previous strategic agendas, … and Justice for All sets out five goals and 94 initiatives that strive to uphold the bedrock of our justice system: fairness, accessibility, and adherence to the rule of law.

Expanding and promoting access to justice has consistently been of greatest importance to the judicial branch and will continue to be a fundamental priority in this strategic agenda. Our courts must be open and accessible to all. To that end, we will continue to work tirelessly to remove barriers that impede access to justice, whether financial, geographic, technological, or language based. Every Arizonan should have access to legal resources and be able to easily navigate our legal system, whether acting as a self-represented litigant or working with court-certified professionals.

Maintaining public trust and confidence plays a critical role in the success of our justice system, particularly during uncertain times. Increasing public awareness of our court’s constitutional role in our democracy will improve the public’s understanding and perception of the judicial branch in our state. We strive to uphold the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability, ensuring our decisions and processes withstand scrutiny and inspire confidence.

Protecting children, families, and communities is paramount. We prioritize initiatives that safeguard the most vulnerable among us, promote family stability, and foster safe and thriving communities across Arizona. Evidence-based practices and fair justice principles guide much of the work we will undertake to make improvements that focus on defendant accountability and community protection. Our courts will pursue initiatives focusing on critical issues, including mental health, juvenile justice, and victims’ rights.

Advancing judicial branch excellence and innovation is a fundamental responsibility that ensures we seek to improve our processes, leverage technology, and adopt best practices for our courts. I am proud that Arizona courts are recognized nationally and internationally as innovative leaders who continuously deliver technological and system-based improvements that produce high-quality data, effective infrastructure, and civil justice reforms. We will explore the impact of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, and will invest in the professional development of our judges and staff, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to deliver exceptional service.

Enhancing professionalism and leadership within our justice system will cultivate an environment that nurtures leadership, encourages collaboration, and upholds the highest ethical standards. Our priorities focus on expanding judicial officer excellence and leadership, growing a qualified and culturally diverse bench and workforce, and serving as a foremost leader in forensic science, mental health, and court innovations.

As you will see when you review the … and Justice for All Strategic Agenda, the judicial branch has committed to an ambitious plan. With the State Bar of Arizona and community justice partners, we will work tirelessly to ensure that our judiciary remains a place people can count on to uphold the rule of law and dispense fair justice to everyone. Arizona is a vibrant state with an exciting future. I’m proud that the judicial branch is a vital part of that future, and I eagerly look forward to leading the branch to the end of this decade.


Ann A. Scott Timmer
Chief Justice
Arizona Supreme Court