The goal of Security is to ensure that all courts within Arizona are provided a safe and secure environment.  Security provides 24/7 security for the State Courts Building.  Some of these duties include the following: 

  • Screen all visitors and packages that enter the State Courts Building.

  • Run background checks on all persons prior to issuing an employee ID badge.

  • Provide security presence at oral arguments.

  • Provide extra security upon request for other hearings which may take place at the State Courts Building.

  • Provide executive security for the Supreme Court Justices when they conduct oral arguments outside of the State Courts Building and other events as needed.

  • Conduct risk and vulnerability reviews of the State Courts building to help evaluate all security needs.

  • Patrol the building on evenings and weekends' ensuring everything is secure.

  • Investigate potential threats against the Supreme Court Justices, Court of Appeals Judges and employees.

  • Respond to duress alarms, medical emergencies, and other types of calls for assistance.

Listed below is a link to examples of Prohibited Items. The final decision of any prohibited items will be the discretion of Security. Guns are absolutely not allowed in the Court's Building even those with a concealed weapons permit.

Please, be aware of the items not allowed in the court as every individual entering the court will be screened. (Screening is equivalent to airport security screening).

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or need a description of Prohibited Items, please contact Security Manager Danny Cordova at 602-452-3170.

Emergency evacuation procedures are in place for the evacuation of the building for person with disabilities.

Prohibited Items in the State Courts Building

Emergency Preparedness Information

Administrative Office of the Courts

Employee Emergency Information Line



Additional Emergency Information

AZ Emergency Information

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