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Session Topics and Summit Materials

The Unstoppable Wave of AI: The Imperative for Adaption in the Legal Industry

By: Darth K. Vaughn, Esq. & Whitney L. Stefko, Esq.

In this paper, the authors explore some of the current and potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the practice of law, as well as some of the ethical and social implications of this emerging technology.

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Artificial Intelligence and Legal Ethics

Gary Marchant & Joseph R. Tiano, Jr.

This white paper seeks to identify and analyze some of the key questions that AI is creating for practicing lawyers. In discussing the ethical dilemmas created by AI for attorneys, the ABA Model Rules and their Arizona equivalents are referenced as the existing standards for legal ethics.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence and Access to Justice: Possibilities, Concerns, Best Practices, and How to Measure Success

By: Cas Laskowski, Christopher L. Griffin, Jr., and Samuel A. Thumma

In this paper the authors look at the potential of generative AI to help litigants navigate legal matters with little of no formal attorney representation and the potential for litigants to avoid the justice system completely. Both possibilities and concerns in the use of generative AI as well as effective measurement of successful use of generative AI are discussed.

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Deepfakes and the Impact of AI on the Courtroom, Paper One

By: Mark Lanterman

This paper briefly explains the increasing problems faced by courts from the deepfake (as well as shallowfakes and voice cloning) and suggests strategies and basic guidelines for managing the problem and gathering contextual information to allow judge’s to effectively address questions of authenticity and admissibility of digital evidence.

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Deepfakes and the Impact of AI on the Courtroom, Paper Two

By: Malik Khalid

This paper discusses challenges for courts from deepfakes, including challenges in detection. Several deepfake detection strategies and technological solutions are explained and explored. .

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Artificial Intelligence and Its Use in Our Courts

Presenters: Aaron Judy, Sara Omundson, and Roger Strand
Moderators: Kevin Bowling and Stacy Martz
How is AI currently and likely to impact courts? This session will offer an update and guidance on what the courts need to do to get ready. Using this outline, attendees will have an opportunity to weigh in and help develop guides for the forthcoming COSCA Policy White Paper and the NCAM AI Guide.

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