TAC DETF August 2018 Materials

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Technical Advisory Council
Digital Evidence Subteam

Friday, August 24, 2018
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Conference Room 106
Audio Phone Number: 602-452-3533

Audio Access Code: 997 443 641 #

Welcome & Introductions
- National Center for State Courts Effort
 - Expanding Involvement in Subteam


  Minutes from May 11, 2018 Meeting

May Minutes
  Digital Evidence Language in Next Branch Strategic Agenda

  Review of June 15 Meeting with Judge Thumma
- Emphasis of Business Team: No CDs/DVDs Anymore
 - Revised Draft Matrix - Short-Term & Long-Term


Key Digital Evidence Use Case Scenarios to Drive Policies
 - Pro Se Cell Phone Video
 - Attorney Laptop Video
 - Law Enforcement Body Camera Footage
 - Capital-Case-Related Video

DE Scenario Table 4.0

Near-Term Scenario / Implications

GJ Evidence Flow Chart

GJ Evidence Procedure
   Next Steps
 - Review Actions & Timeline


Any Other Items of Subcommittee Business


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