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Justice Court Filing Fees
The filing fee schedules offered through this webpage reflect the fees established in the Arizona Revised Statutes, A.R.S. § 22-281, with increases approved by the Supreme Court as provided in the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 4-303. Please check with the specific court for additional local fees.
Effective September 24, 2022
A.R.S. § 22-281
(in cases where amount in controversy exceeds $50)
A Initial case filing fee $73.00
Civil filing fees  
B Subsequent case filing fee $40.00
Civil filing fees  
C Initial case filing fee  
Small claims filing $25.00
Forcible entry and detainer filings 35.00
D Subsequent case filing fee  
Small claims answer $15.00
E Minimum clerk fee  
Document and transcript transfer on appeal $28.00
Certification of any documents 28.00
Issuance of writs 28.00
Filing any paper or performing any act for which a fee is not specifically prescribed 28.00
Subpoena (civil) 28.00
Research in locating a document 28.00
Seal a court file 28.00
Reopen a sealed court file 28.00
Record duplication 28.00
F Per page fee $0.50
Copies of any documents per page  
G Special fees  
Injunction against harassment N/C
Domestic violence, order of protection pursuant to A.R.S. § 13-3602 N/C
Small claims service by mail $8.00
A.R.S. § 12-284
G Special fees  
Marriage license (includes covenant marriages) See Note 1 $83.00

Note 1: Pursuant to A.R.S. § 25-127, if a city or town is more than 4 miles from the county seat, the clerk of the superior court may allow a city or town clerk within the county to issue marriage licenses.

Courts are advised to charge the superior court’s $27 minimum clerk fee for " Demand for notice, filing paper, or performing any act for which a specific fee is not provided by statute" to convert an existing marriage to a covenant marriage.