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State Filing Fee Schedules

If you are a party in a lawsuit and need to either file a complaint or response, serve pleadings, or issue a summons or subpoena, you will be responsible to pay for state filing fees and costs at the filing counter or online (if you are efiling), as established by Arizona statutes.

The monies collected from the state fees are allocated to various state and local funds to fund, for example, domestic relations education and mediation programs, expedited child support and parenting time, conciliation court, and emancipation administrative costs, as prescribed by statute.

Each court level has its own filing fee schedule. The filing fee schedules offered through this webpage reflect the state fees established by statute. Individual courts might have additional local fees, so please check with the specific court for additional local fees. You can also visit AZCourtHelp.org for more information about local fees by county.

Concerned about the fees?

If you are unable to pay your court filing fees, please go to the Fee Waiver and Deferral page for possible options you may have.