Debt Setoff Program

The Debt Setoff Program (DSO) was established to hold offenders accountable for financial obligations owed to Arizona courts and other state agencies.  The Arizona Department of Revenue intercepts Arizona state tax refunds, the Arizona Lottery intercepts lottery winnings and the Arizona Department of Gaming intercepts event wagering/fantasy sports winnings on behalf of Arizona courts and other state agencies. 

A taxpayer whose state tax refund, lottery and/or event wagering/fantasy sports winnings has been intercepted may call the DSO Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in the Phoenix Metropolitan area at (602) 452-3210 or toll free (877) 435-3829.  The caller must enter their SSN and follow the prompts when instructed.  It is advised that the caller listen to the entire message in the event they have been entered into the program by more than one.  The caller will receive information regarding which court or agency they can contact and will be provided with the court or agency's phone number.  For more information about the DSO program, send your inquiry to [email protected].