Arizona Judicial Branch

eCourt Services Unit

The eCourt Services Unit enhances access to courts and court information using automation. The initiatives that comprise eCourt Services fully align with and support Goal 1 of the Supreme Court’s strategic agenda, Promoting Access to Justice.

eCourt Services staff perform the following: 

  • Work with local courts to identify business needs that can be met with technological solutions
  • Work with vendors to enhance existing or create new technology solutions for the courts
  • Collaborate with local courts and vendors to promote the technology from development through successful implementation
  • Provide automation training to local court users and court staff
  • Provide 2nd level support for eCourt Services applications
Current eCourt Services projects include: eBench, eFiling, and nCourt

eBench provides a paper-free solution to Judicial divisions by offering electronic access to key case data and documents. Judicial officers have the ability to generate electronically signed orders and complete legal research within the application. eBench allows the court clerk and judicial assistant to work in tandem with the Judge. 
eFiling enables court users to electronically file into existing court cases as well as initiate court cases in some jurisdictions. Users can also electronically serve documents on parties in the case and view case documents. All eFiling platforms connect to a payment portal that allows filers to pay court fees at the time of filing.
nCourt processes electronic payments submitted via online payment portals for programs such as eFiling, the Interpreter Registry, and Education Services.

AOC Support Services
Local Phone: (602) 452-3519
Toll Free: 1 (800) 720-7743
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Excluding state holidays

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For information on training, please contact the AOC Support Center at (602) 452-3519 or (800) 720-7743 or email support at:
For additional information on AZTurboCourt training, please contact Scott Crampton at or (650) 372-1790 ext. 209 or Steven Kimmelman at