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eCourt Services Unit
eCourt projects are developed and implemented in alignment with Goal One of the Arizona Supreme Court’s Strategic Agenda, Promoting Access to Justice. From project development through implementation, the eCourt Services Unit collaborates with vendors and courts. Courts are consulted to identify business needs that can be met with technological solutions, and vendors are contracted to create and enhance technology used in the regular course of court business.
The projects currently overseen by the eCourt Services Unit are: Digital Evidence, eAccess, eBench, eFiling, and nCourt. The eCourt Services Unit provides customer support to the courts and the public; publishes training reference materials; and hosts live training sessions for the courts and the public.
Digital Evidence
The Digital Evidence portal provides a standard solution for the submission, management, and storage of court case exhibits. The portal provides convenient 24/7 online access to upload, review, and manage exhibits.
For additional information and resources, visit https://www.azcourts.gov/digitalevidence.
eAccess provides the public with convenient 24/7 online access to open, public court records that were filed in the Superior Court for civil and criminal case types. Copies of documents may be obtained by paying the per-document fee or by paying a monthly subscription fee. Electronically certified documents may be obtained for an additional fee, and the certification may be verified through the eAccess application.
For additional information and resources, visit https://www.azcourts.gov/eaccess.
eBench provides judicial officers with electronic access to case data and documents that are stored within the court’s case management system. eBench is also an interactive tool that allows judicial officers to work with their staff to electronically prepare, sign, and file court orders with the Clerk of the Court.
eFiling provides convenient 24/7 online access to electronically file documents. All eFiling applications connect to a payment portal, which allows for the payment of filing fees at the time that documents are eFiled. Except when eFiling new case documents (e.g., a petition or a complaint), the eFiling applications provide an option to electronically serve parties/attorneys. When a clerk of the court accepts an eFiled submission, copies of documents will be available to be retrieved from the eFiling application.
For certain case types, pursuant to Administrative Order, eFiling is mandatory for attorneys. eFiling enhancements are ongoing and additional capabilities will be available in the future.
For additional information and resources, visit https://www.azcourts.gov/efilinginformation.
nCourt is a vendor that is contracted to process electronic payments that are submitted through online payment portals for statewide programs, such as eFiling and eAccess.
The eCourt Services Unit also provides support for other uses of nCourt, such as in-person electronic payments processed by the Clerk's Offices of the Arizona Supreme Court and the Arizona Court of Appeals (Division One), online payments submitted during the interpreter credentialing process, and online payments submitted for education programs hosted by the Education Services Division of the AOC.