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For those directly impacted by crime, negotiating the criminal justice system can cause frustration.  Courts must respond to the needs of victims while protecting the constitutional rights of both the accused and the victim.  Courts must ensure that victims have the opportunity to exercise rights granted to them.  Additionally, victims must be treated with respect by all entities in the criminal justice system.

To better address crime victims’ needs, the Commission on Victims in the Courts was established in March 2006.  This Commission advises the Arizona Judicial Council (AJC) by reviewing and submitting policy recommendations and procedures to improve victim access and ensure fair treatment during their involvement in the criminal justice system.

The Commission will seek to accomplish the following initiatives:

  • Advise the AJC on matters affecting victims’ rights and the administration of justice;
  • Make recommendations to the Committee on Continuing Education and Training and the Arizona Judicial College regarding training and education for judges and court personnel on victims’ rights and appropriate treatment of victims;
  • Work with the Committee on Probation and other court committees and entities as necessary to promote the improved collection of victim restitution;
  • Serve as the Judicial Branch liaison to other established victims’ advocacy organizations; and
  • Make recommendations to the AJC that preserve the constitutional rights enumerated in the Arizona Constitution, Article II, Section 2.1.


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Related Authorities
Administrative Order 2006-25
includes A.J.C.A. § 1-111
Administrative Order 2015-23
Arizona Constitution, Article II, Section 2.1.

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