Commission on Victims in the Courts

To better address crime victims’ needs while maintaining neutrality, the Commission on Victims in the Courts (COVIC) was established by Administrative Order 2006-25 in March 2006 as a standing committee of the Arizona Judicial Council (AJC). Also see Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (ACJA) § 1-111.

The Commission is charged with:

  • Advising the AJC on matters affecting victims’ rights and the administration of justice;
  • Making recommendations to the Committee on Continuing Education and Training (COJET) and the AJC regarding training and education for judges and court personnel on victims’ rights and appropriate treatment of victims;
  • Working with the Committee on Probation (COP) and other court committees and entities as necessary to promote the improved collection and disbursement of victim restitution;
  • Serving as the Judicial Branch liaison to other established victims’ advocacy organizations; and
  • Making other recommendations to the AJC that preserve the rights afforded to victims in Arizona Constitution, Article II, Section 2.1 and ACJA § 5-204.

For information regarding open meeting laws for Arizona Supreme Court committees, see ACJA § 1-202: Public Meetings.