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List of Eligible Violations

Violations marked “CM” on the following list are eligible ONLY with the express permission of the presiding judge of the court that holds jurisdiction over your citation.

Any additional coding to the violations below, such as a number or numbers, or “SO” (Sheriff Office-issued citation) or “PE” (Photo Enforcement citation) are used only for local jurisdiction tracking. The number(s) coding denotes the speed over the posted limit you were alleged to be traveling. This additional coding is NOT used in determining eligibility for the state diversion program.

List of Eligible Violations
28-644A1 28-724B  28-772 28-854A1
28-644A2 28-725  28-773 28-854A2A
28-645A1A 28-726A1 28-774 28-854A2B
28-645A1B 28-726A2 28-775A 28-854A3
28-645A3A 28-726A3 28-775A1 28-854B
28-645A3B 28-727 28-775A2 28-855B
28-645A3C 28-728B  28-775A3 28-855C
28-645B 28-728C 28-775C 28-856.1
28-645C 28-729.1 28-775D 28-856.2
28-646A1 28-729.2 28-775D1 28-856.3
28-647.1 28-729.3 28-775D2 28-857A1
28-647.2 28-730A 28-775E 28-857A2
28-651 28-730B 28-775E-1 28-858
28-701.02A1 CM 28-730C 28-775E-2 28-891A
28-701.02A2 CM 28-731 28-776A 28-891B
28-701.02A3 CM 28-732 28-777 28-894
28-701A 28-733B 28-778B 28-895A
28-701E 28-734 28-778C 28-895B
28-702.01C 28-735A 28-815D 28-896
28-702.04B 28-736B1 28-851A 28-897
28-704A 28-736 B2 28-851B 28-901A1
28-704C 28-737A 28-792A 28-901A2
28-705 28-751.1 28-792B 28-903A
28-706A 28-751.2 28-794.1 28-903B
28-706B 28-751.3 28-794.2 28-903C
28-709A1 28-751.4A 28-794.3 28-903D
28-709A2 28-751.4B 28-797.F 28-904A
28-710A 28-752 28-797.G 28-906
28-710B 28-753 28-797.H 28-914A1a
28-721A 28-754A 28-797.I 28-914A1b
28-721B 28-754B 28-851B 28-914A2
28-722 28-754C 28-851C 999 (Local/City Ord)
28-723.1 28-755 28-851D  
28-723.2 28-771A 28-852  
28-724A 28-771C 28-853A  

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