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Parent Education Program
Attending a program focused on the children's needs.

All parents who are newly involved in a dissolution of marriage, separation, or annulment, or unmarried parents, that have requested the court to determine custody, specific parenting time or child support will be court-ordered to attend an educational program focused on their children’s needs.

The purpose of the class is to educate persons about the impact of divorce on adults and children. The Supreme Court has adopted minimum standards for these programs that address the length and nature of the program, the qualifications of program providers and the means by which the program will be evaluated and maintained.

Each county administers the parent education programs and offer in-person classes or online programs. Contact your court for registration and payment information for the parent education program.
Minimum Required Standards for Education Programs

Instruction related to the emotional, psychological, financial, physical and other short-term and long-term effects of divorce on adults and children Options available as alternatives to divorce
Resources available to improve or strengthen marriage Legal process of divorce and options available for mediation
Resources available after divorce Each program also includes information regarding notification to the other parent about a convicted or registered sex offender or a person who has been convicted of a dangerous crime against children as defined in ARS § 13-705 may have access to the child

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