Adult Participation

Did you receive an FCRB notice in the mail, but do not know what to do next?  Please read on to learn more information.

The notice you received in the mail contains all the information to direct you to the next scheduled review of the child.  When inquiring or giving a statement regarding a child, be sure to reference, the FCRB number and the Review Board number that are listed on the notice.

If you are an interested party or parent of a child that is in foster care, you can call the Tucson or Phoenix office and inquire if and when the next review of the child will be held.  Just call either of the numbers listed below for particpation by phone.

The FCRB values your input on the child's case.  As such, the primary information needed from the Board involves the well-being of the child.  The best way to participate in the review process is to participate in person.  If you are unsure of the Board's meeting locations, please check the following county list for more information.

FCRB County Locations

If you are unable to participate in the review in person, please participate in the following ways:

1) Telephone conference ability is available in most locations. 

For the Tucson Region, 520-388-4300 

For the Phoenix Region, 602-452-3400


2) You can mail a written statement to the Board at least 1 week prior to the review. 

For the Tucson Region, 400 W. Congress, Suite 341, Tucson, Arizona 85701 

For the Phoenix Region, 1501 W. Washington, Phoenix, Arizona, 85007


3) Email a written statment to: [email protected].

For Interested Parties wishing to provide written information for  the Foster Care Review meeting, please view the attached form. 

Participation Form

and respond to the FCRB by 


or regular mail:  
Foster Care Review Board
Suite 128
1501 W Washington St. 
Phoenix, AZ  85007
Information needed from Caretakers:

1) Participate in the review: In person, by phone, or with a written statement.

2) Provide information pertinent to the child's needs (medical, dental, therapeutic, educational), progress towards permanency plan, barriers, concerns, etc.

3) Are there any services you or the child need?

Information needed from parents:

1) What are your case plan tasks?  Are you completing them?

2) Do you participate in visits with the children?  How are they going?

3) Are you receiving the services you need?