Volunteer Requirements

How to Apply for FCRB Local Board Position

The FCRB welcomes all community members who are interested in the welfare of foster children.  NO specific qualifications are necessary in order to serve on a board.  We seek board members who bring a wealth of experience, cultural diversity, and a willingness to work in a team environment to the Board.  Potential volunteers are required to complete an application, undergo a background check, complete an informal interview process, and participate in monthly case reviews.

  • The applicant must complete and application form.  The applicant must have fingerprints taken and a thorough background is conducted.
  • Once the application process is completed, the applicant will be contacted once a vacancy occurs.  A program specialist will conduct a personal interview.
  • Volunteers are selected and appointed by the presiding juvenile court judge in each county.
  • Appointments are usually for three years; appointments may be for less time if a member is appointed to fill a vacancy that has occurred prior to the expiration of a three year term. 
  • The judge is required, to the maximum extent possible, to ensure that each board represents the socioeconomic, racial and ethnic groups of the county in which it serves.
  • The volunteer must complete a one day new board member orientation (NBMO) training within six month following appointment.

Time Commitment

Most boards meet once per month during a workday (Monday through Friday) from approximately 8:00 am until approximately 4:30pm.  Some boards meet fewer times per year and for shorter hours during the day.  Volunteers will be informed of the times and dates of the review board meetings for their specific board.

Approximately one week prior to the board meetings, volunteers will receive a packet which contains each child's case information to be reviewed.  This takes approximately six to eight hours of preparation time per board.

Volunteers are required to complete the annual in-service training requirements.


Volunteers are not compensated.  However, volunteers are reimbursed for mileage and meals according to state statutes.