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This page contains links to new court rules and rule amendments adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court during its annual rules agendas.  The summaries includes potential impacts of some of these rule changes. 

  • The rule petition numbers in each summary (e.g., R-15-0000) include a hyperlink to the Court’s Order promulgating the rule change.  The full text of the rule change appears with the Order.  Readers may wish to click on the hyperlink to review the complete text of a new or amended rule for additional details concerning each change. 
  • The effective date of rule changes is generally January 1 following the date of the Court’s action (see Supreme Court Rule 28(F)(2)), but there are exceptions noted in these summaries.
  • The summaries includes most of the rule changes affecting trial courts, but the summaries do not include every rule change. They do not include rule changes regarding the practice of law or admission to practice, and they exclude some rule petitions previously adopted on a temporary basis.  
Please contact Mark Meltzer, at (602) 452-3242, or by e-mail at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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