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Find legal and court-related topics, court forms and instructions, resources, and locations.

Welcome to the Arizona Judicial Branch's Self-Service Center. The Self-Service Center is designed to provide legal information and court forms for persons who are representing themselves in court. The information is intended to help individuals help themselves through the court system. This site may also help determine whether a question is best suited for Self-Service Center staff or an attorney. Court staff can provide legal information, but not legal advice.

Recent Changes to the Self-Service Center

Lifetime No-Contact Injunctions

Due to legislative changes, a new lifetime no-contact injunction is available for certain crime victims starting September 24, 2022. This type of injunction is different from an injunction against harassment and is not available through AZPOINT. A lifetime no-contact injunction is valid for the duration of the defendant's natural lifetime and can only be dismissed under the specific circumstances set out in ARS § 13-719.


Restoring Firearm Rights for Juveniles

Beginning July 2022, juveniles who lose their right to carry or possess firearms when they reach the age of 18 (referred to as Prohibited Possessors) will have their records sent to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System known as NICS. Find out more about when rights are revoked and restored.