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Establishing Child Support
The forms available on this site are generic and may be accepted by courts statewide. Please note that each court might have their own preferred forms. You can visit AZCourtHelp.org for more information about court-specific forms.

Fee Waiver and Deferral

If you are unable to pay the filing fees, you have options. Go to the Fee Waiver and Deferral page to find out more.


Formularios en español

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Form Title Form No.
Instructions: How to Fill Out the Forms for Establishing Child Support DRES10I
What to Do After Completing All Forms to Establishing Child Support DRES10P
Family Court / Sensitive Data Cover Sheet with Children (Confidential Record) DRSDS10F-C
Petition to Establish Child Support DRES11F
Form Title Form No.
Instructions: How to Complete a Child Support Order DRS81I
Child Support Order DRS81F
Instructions for the Current Employer Information Form DRS88I
Current Employer (or Other Payor) Information Form DRS88F
Income Withholding for Support - Instructions FEDIWOI
Income Withholding Order for Support (IWO)
*This Income Withholding Order (IWO) form is the standard format prescribed by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services in accordance with USC 42 § 666(b)(6)(A)(ii). This federally-approved form must be issued to employers or other income payers to collect child support and should not be modified.
Instructions to Update Address and/or Name Information With the Court GN91I
Request to Update Address and/or Name GN91F